0 Contact Delivery - Delivery Precautions during COVID-19

0 Contact Delivery - Delivery Precautions during COVID-19

At TravelSOOQ we take your health & safety during this time seriously, our partners do too. Rush courier services are our courier platform partner of choice and have confirmed a 0 contact collection and delivery


The process is as follows:

When our couriers arrive at your delivery or collection address, they have been instructed to ring the bell/ knock on the door and stand back at a safe distance (2 metres). 

  • The courier will have placed the item at your door, together with a pen, hand sanitizer, wipe and the waybill and wait for your answer.
  • Please wipe the pen with the sanitizer, complete the waybill where required and place the waybill, pen and sanitizer back where the courier placed it.  
  • The courier is not permitted to complete any details of the waybill which is meant to be completed by the shipper or recipient.
  • The courier will then pick up the waybill and other items once you have stepped away and at a safe distance.
  • Should the consignee not be comfortable with signing the POD but still want to take receipt of the shipment, the following default arrangement will apply:
  1. Should you make arrangements with the courier that an alternative handover protocol will suffice as proof of handover, this can be accommodated.  For example, the driver could sign the POD on behalf of the consignee with a note to explain the situation. While photographs can accompany such arrangements, 100% availability of equipment cannot be guaranteed. Such agreed to arrangements must be in writing between the courier and the client.  This should be communicated to TravelSOOQ to advise the courier partner
  2. Should no such arrangement exist, the driver has been instructed to retain possession of the shipment and make contact with the TravelSOOQ office who will then arrange for alternative delivery handover protocols.


If you have any queries or require any further details please contact us on info@travelsooq.co.za


Stay Safe. Stay healthy 

TravelSOOQ Operations


Courier partner: https://www.rush.co.za

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