About TravelSOOQ

About TravelSOOQ

Come on a journey with TravelSOOQ

Sooq is a variation of Souk, which is a term for a market in an Arab city. In our combined love for all things travel and bustling markets, TravelSOOQ was born.

TravelSOOQ is an online fashion boutique, sister company to the Digital Travel Concierge company My Trip PA, inspired by dreamy global destinations, finding diamond’s in the ruff and getting access to clothing and accessories for adventure or calm sunny days in your back yard.

Based in South Africa, founded by South Africans this purely digital store started earlier in 2020 with the vision of focusing on being a funnel that brings together South African small businesses whose products are quality, sustainable, comfortable and affordable into one “Sooq” for access to a South African and later a global market.

On a recent trip to Bali, one of the co-founder’s fell in love with all the textiles, colours and patterns and wanted to create a space at home where like-minded people who value authenticity, quality and a variety of options can shop. Starting with local suppliers and later bringing other products from the world’s SOOQs to one convenient shopping experience. 

“We are committed to carefully selecting products from Proudly South African brands to curate a versatile, comfortable, high quality range of items suitable for any location and any activity. And we deliver anywhere in South Africa within 72 hours!” says Gareth De Jager. “Secondly, to navigate the world’s best SOOQs for the best travel items to bring the world home to you.” 

Where will your next adventure take you? Whether it’s lying on your couch or by the seaside on a daybed in Bali, or maybe you’re trekking through the Drakensburg... everything you’ll need is so easy to find, right here! The scarf, beach sarong, baby bag, straw hat and so much more.



To become a supplier please email operations@travelsooq.co.za 

To shop with us visit www.travelsooq.co.za

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For all your local and international travel needs, visit www.mytrippa.com


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