(W)ork (F)rom (H)ome looks for the Office - Need Some Inspiration Anyone?

(W)ork (F)rom (H)ome looks for the Office - Need Some Inspiration Anyone?

Working from home (WFH) has become our new norm, and as we ease back into the idea of going back to the office it's time that we start rethinking the hoodie, sweatpants & messy bun look & start working towards finding a balance :) That doesn’t mean we have to trade our newly found love for comfort. We can have it all! Who better to draw diverse style inspiration from than the Kardashian Jenner sisters?

Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie each have a unique fashion sense and while you may not think it, they do sometimes wear non-figure hugging, high-comfort, low-maintenance, low-effort clothing.

Their style has evolved significantly over the years as each of them have come into their own. We’ve selected just some of their casual chic ensembles to inspire your own WFH whilst (B)ack (A)t the (O)ffice style. 

  1. The Shirt Dress – Kourtney
For the days when you have a few meetings, the shirt dress is the perfect go-to (You could also rock a Kaftan if a Shirt Dress isn't available). It is adds the formal/professional without losing any of the comfort. With the temperatures dropping as we’re going into Winter now, you may want to pair it with leggings. And if you really want to go all out, you could pop on a red lip. A red lip never fails to add some chic. Shoe suggestion: Ankle boots 


  1. The Dungaree / Jumpsuit – Kendall
Kendall’s dungaree / jumpsuit outfit offers the relaxed fit from couch to desk while still keeping it relaxed & playful. No zips or elastics to confine movement. This is my personal favourite! Shoe suggestion: Slides


  1. The shift dress – Kylie
Not your typical Kylie Jenner number, but we do love how she rocks this shift dress. It’s probably the easiest item on today’s list because just that one piece is a complete outfit. You could zhoosh it up a bit more with a scarf if you like. We’re aiming for easy comfort here. Shoe suggestion: Loafer


  1. The Long Cardigan – Kim
Keeping up with Kim’s ever-changing style, admittedly influenced by her husband Kanye West, is a job in itself. Fortunately, we’re always rewarded with something refreshing and innovative. The long cardigan pictured here is not overly casual yet still warm and cosy. What I love about this piece is just how versatile it is. You can wear it over a dress, with a pair of shorts, jeans, a pencil skirt – anything! Shoe suggestion: Mule


  1. The oversized cropped jersey/turtleneck – Khloe

Oversized anything for WFH attire and you’ve won me over already. It helps when it’s something cute though, no? Khloe is pictured here in the oversized cropped turtleneck. We may not all have those killer abs, so you may want to layer it up with a vest or long sleeve top underneath. We’ll say it’s to keep warm ;) Shoe suggestion: Sneaker

Accessories and scarves can also "zhoosh" an outfit up - our selection of Maiden Stone & Bellibutton accessories and scarves will certainly tick a few boxes for any outfit for work or home! Also don't forget your most important new addition to any outfit - your mask! Make sure you always carry your co-ordinated protective gear to keep you safe and healthy ;)




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