Women's Month Feature 5 - Meet Joanna Pawelczyk the owner of INdelicate

Women's Month Feature 5 - Meet Joanna Pawelczyk the owner of INdelicate

In 2016, husband and wife team, Marco and Joanna, officially launched Indelicate Apparel to the South African market, with innovative, unusual, fun and different leggings designs that move away from the traditional bland styles, to designs that are far more fun and unique.

Their leggings are great for multiple uses – as gym leggings or gym tights, yoga leggings or yoga pants, for Pilates, running, acrobatics, aerial training, and many other forms of fitness training.

 We touched based with Joanna this Women's month to get to know her better and asked her a few questions - here's what she had to say:

  1. How do you balance work and life responsibilities?
It’s very hard to balance work and life when you own your own business – I, in fact, own or co-own three businesses – but you remember that it’s all worth it at the end of day – the stress, the madness, the rushing around – when it all comes together and you see your business grow it makes all of that worth it! I do a lot of training and coaching which makes for a nice breather from all the computer work.


  1. Where do you believe great ideas come from?
I think when you’re passionate about your job and your product then great ideas just come naturally. You find a lot of inspiration from the people around you who give you feedback and also are excited about your product. 


  1. What is the one thing you are doing to ensure that you are grow and develop in the workplace and personally?

Taking time to do things that make me happy and keep me motivated means that I always have the drive to improve and develop myself. Those things are mainly training aerial and pole fitness.


  1. Describe your day in a few sentences
I wake up at around 6:30 and work on my laptop straight away. Throughout the day I do a lot of running around and a lot of laptop work till around 8/9pm when I sometimes watch some TV or practice Spanish (my husband is Chilean).


  1. What is your biggest fear?

I’m not naturally a big risk taker so I think I always fear missing out on an opportunity or something amazing because Im scared to take a risk.


  1. How do you boost your confidence in difficult situations?
I try remind myself how far I’ve got and how far I can still go and that as long as I have my amazing team beside me I know nothing can go that wrong. Our team always has each other’s back and we know mistakes happen and difficult situations come up, but we learn from them and move on. That is a priceless thing to have in the workplace.



Contact Info

Mobile: 063 621 2184

Email: info@thesooq.co.za

Shop INdelicate on our Website: https://www.thesooq.co.za/collections/indelicate


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