Created by four Bloemfontein Mommies

Elizma & Annel attended a worthy woman conference. There the dream was placed in their hearts and the idea sparked of creating a beautifully crafted Gin. Erina came on board, having experience with winemaking and farming, she knew just how to create perfectly crafted products. Then on their journey, they came across Elizabeth, a creative, that brought the concept and heart of the brand into a reality.

Together they are the oriGINal KolleGin ladies

Inspired by women of all walks of life

A tasteful, unique and gentle gin. Inspired by women of all walks of life. A KolleGin lady is confident and hard-working. She has a beautiful and caring soul. She knows that true beauty shines from the inside out.

Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards  2020 Winner

KolleGin Wellness

All-natural, organic & non GMO.

The Kollegin wellness range started with Collagen peptides powder. From there it grew into a beautiful beauty & wellness range. All of their products are all-natural & non GMO. They use the finest natural and organic ingredients, to develop their products.

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