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Cocoa Tea

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A few details to know..  Cocoa Tea is made from the humble and delicious cocoa bean, that's all... no additives, no sugar, no preservatives, no anti-caking agents, no flavoring, no colourants, no gluten, no dairy, just the straight-up cocoa bean, and the whole thing too (shell and all)!

Nothing goes to waste.

It took our team (of two), nearly a year to get the packaging of our tea to be as green, eco-friendly and recyclable as possible. Our tea bags were of the first in SA, and are still among only a handful of teas, packed locally, to use a 100% biodegradable material (made from a derivative of corn starch). Our packaging is locally (Cape Town) sourced and is completely recyclable. 

This Peruvian inspired CocoaTea, which is believed to relieve headaches and nausea, is a rich, smooth and hearty hot beverage that smells delightfully of fresh, dark chocolate but contains No Calories! It does however contain twice as much Theobromine as a slab of dark chocolate, has a low Caffeine count, even less than a cup of green tea and is packed full of antioxidants.

Recommended steeping time is 4 to 6 minutes, and after brewing, there is a fine slick on top of the tea, which is the reminisce of cocoa butter and at the bottom of the cup there will be tea dust, which is cocoa powder.  Due to the dry roasting process that the beans undergo, once submerged in hot water, it absorbs moisture and swells slightly in the tea bag or strainer.

CocoaTea is of the first tea in South Africa to be packed in tea bags that are made from PLA, which is a plant-based material which is 100% biodegradable (unlike conventional tea bags which contain micro plastics in the form of misted PET to seal the tea bags).
Most commonly drunk as a black tea, CocoaTea can also be enjoyed with milk or milk alternatives, with almond milk being a favourite amongst customers.

We strive to do only what is good, good for people and good for nature. 

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