Horigen Semi-Reclining Double Electric Breast Pump

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Our Top of the Range Double Electric Pumps are the Creation Consumer Grade and Creation Hospital Grade Pump.

These pumps are identical, except that the Consumer Grade Pump has a pumping schedule of 1000 hours before we recommend a service, and the Hospital Grade Pump has a pumping schedule of 3000 hours. If you are looking to breastfeeding and / or pump exclusively for longer than a year, the Hospital Grade option is your best bet. 

Both are supported by local Clinical Engineers and parts. 

What pumps this pump in a league of its own?

  1. 3D Technology-soft silicone flange to imitate baby’s natural sucking
  2. 2 Phase Expression : Stimulation & Expression
  3. Closed system with anti-backflow
  4. Night feature (night light)
  5. Interval alarm for expression reminder
  6. Clear illuminated screen display real-time status with touch panel
  7. 12 adjustable suction levels and 5 adjustable speed levels
  8. 2 Ways Power supply : by AC adapter or built-in 2000mAH rechargeable li-ion battery
  9. 3D breastshield in our retail standard package in is 24mm (model 107).
  10. Horigen Creation can be used as a single or double breast pump.
  11. Silicone 109PP flange and tunnel pumpset for 3D pumping.
  12. 2 phase expression.
  13. 8 vacuum settings for stimulation mode.
  14. 12 vacuum settings and 5 velocity speed settings for personalized pumping mode.
  15. Touchscreen with digital display, memory and timer/clock function.
  16. Rechargeable battery or AC adapter.
  17. Extra 2 bottle adapters for small or wide neck bottle use.

The Consumer Grade Pump Set has a 1000 hour pumping schedule before we will start recommending a service. The Hospital Grade Option has a 3000 hour pumping schedule.

Each pump comes with a 1 Year Warrantee and we have Horigen-trained Clinical Engineers in SA who will be able to repair and service the pumps.

* Allow for 5-10 working days approx lead time and determined by quantity ordered.

** Disclaimer: The Sooq & the supplier will not be liable for the items during delivery.  If you experience any problems, kindly notify theSooq within 72hrs of receiving your parcel.