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Tatenda Creations
Catherine Chomura Mutambisi was diagnosed with eye cancer in 2013 in September and was operated on in February 2014 and lost her right eye including the eyelids so has to wear an eyepad.
Since that time she was unable to work lost her job as a domestic worker to support her mom, sisters and kids since she is the first born and the bread winner of the family.
In 2018 her friend taught her how to crochet toys using pictures. In 2019 she decided to start selling my toys in streets so that I will have something to support my kids and my family back home in Zimbabwe. She sells her toys in Pineslopes and now has decided to range her products on The SOOQ.
Thank you for supporting her small business.

How they are made:
Catherine carefully crochet's every toy from Charity double knit wool, chunky wool and printed double wool. She used Fibre ball for stuffing. 
How long do they take:
As Catherine makes these all by hand on her own, depending on how many orders she has orders can take up to 4 days to be ready, thereafter delivery takes up to 3 days to get to you. 
Materials Used:
- Charity Double Knit wool
- Charity Chunky wool
- Charity Printed double wool
- Fibre ball stuffing
Sizes Available:
Small: 15 - 20cm 
Medium: 25 - 30cm
Large: 35 - 40cm 
Custom sizes can be created on request - simply email to request custom sizes