Crosscall Core - X3 Smartphone

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With increasing demand from an ever-growing audience, Crosscall is now ready to
launch the CORE-X3. This versatile, even more compact and original device is ideal
for those who want to be ready for whatever life throws at them. Its resistance to rain,
snow, wind and dust makes it a true ally for all your outdoor adventures.
With its ecosystem of X-LINK accessories, it is suitable for all types of use.

Because it's your eldest's fourth mobile already this year.
Because it works just as well in the field, on scaffolding, or in the workshop.
Because the midnight blue will look great with your suit.
Because being sporty does not mean sacrificing style.
For skiing this winter, and surfing next summer. And maybe to get you running again.
Finding your way in the rain becomes child's play, too.