Crosscall Shark - X3

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Whether you're an ocean-going professional or a water sports
enthusiast, the SHARK-X3 is the waterproof mobile phone that's
suitable for all your activities. Onshore, offshore or in your demanding
daily job routine, it goes with you in all types of weather.

Thanks to the Air Capsule concept, the SHARK-X3 floats to the surface
in the event of immersion. It is one of the only floating mobile phones
in the world.

If you fall into the water with your phone, the Keep Alive technology
automatically activates and sends flashes and a warning message.
Your safety is further enhanced by its built-in whistle.

The SHARK-X3's features have been specifically designed for your
ocean-going needs. Its powerful torch provides you better visibility
at night with its red LED, and is perfectly suited to consulting your
ocean data and information in low light conditions without your eyes
having be get re-accustomed to the dark.

The SHARK-X3 is your life line between the shore and the wide open