Horigen Wearable Breast Pump (White, 25mm, 21mm, 17mm Flanges)

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Horigen designed a wearable pump and we cant wait to offer it to our moms! 

We have ordered 4 demo units to test and would like you to test it with us and we are expecting them by Beginning May. 

Each pump comes with 25mm, 21mm and 17mm flanges (all inclusive), can take 125ml of milk per session, and uses the same Horigen valves and diaphragms. The vacuum of each pump is 225mmHg and just like the rest of Horigen's products, are made with soft silicone for comfort. 

We have discounted these brand new demo units in order to have moms try them out and review them. Please note, should you order one of these units, we will schedule a time to give you a call and discuss it with you.