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So something we say at TomorrowToday is that going forward, to compete with the machines, aka robots, we need to be more human... It's true.

And it's up to us as parents to be teaching and skilling our kids to be more human. Being top of your class academically longer has the same impact it used to because we'll never be 'smarter' than the machines... But we can all be great at being human...

What does being more human mean? Well, it's having integrity, it's being brave, it's being kind, it's having compassion, it's being resilient... it's the EQ stuff rather than the IQ stuff. And it's the stuff we need to be teaching our kids.

I'm so excited to see the amazing work and love from Caroline Bell McLaughlin that has gone into developing these journals for kids. They're a perfect tool to get started with our kids, to start developing that growth mindset and to work on their EQ skills. The journals are just R195 ex delivery -

p.s - this stuff NEEDS to be in our school curriculums... If you're a teacher I dare you to take this to your head when school starts and champion for it to be added to your weekly classroom activity. (The author recommends from grade 3 up).