Large Portable UV Sterilizer

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Kills 99.99% of germs, anywhere & everywhere.

265nm Wavelength UVC UVA Steriliser with Lithium ION to steriliser your breast pump and parts, mask, bottles, phone, clothing, etc.

Sterilise your bottles, breast pump, mask or anything else you can think of, wherever and when ever, with our large, portable UV Steriliser.

This UV Steriliser uses 265nm wavelength technology to kill 99.99% of all germs and viruses, making it ideal to sterilize your masks, utensils, watch, phone or anything at risk of Covid19 exposure.

For normal Day to Day sterilisation, you can sterilise your breast pump, pump parts, pacifiers, bottles or pacifiers at a touch of a button, wherever you might find yourself. Simply pop your pump / bottles in the insulated box, close the zipper and press the button on the top. Within five minutes the light will flash and the process will be complete.

This sterilizer zipper box measures 26.5cm x 20cm x 14.5cm

Our Sterilisation Box also has a safety measure built in- the bag will start beeping and flashing when tilted for more than 45 degrees, ensuring that the UV box wont be pulled or bumped over.

Easy, effective sterilisation at the touch of a button- no water or chemicals needed.

Key Functions:
- Fast Sterilisation
- Kills up to 99.99% of Bacteria
- Automatic shutoff when bag is opened or sterilisation completed
- Portable and suitable for traveling
- Comes with a USD Charger
- 2000mah Lithium ION Batteries
- Authorised by the Institute of Microbiology as effective sterilisation
- 260 - 280nm Wavelength UVs
- 12 UV LED Beads
- 10000 Hours UVC LED Life
- 12 month Limited Manufacturers Warranty