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Mischa Wines - Cabernet Franc  750ml Bottle 

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★ District/Ward Winner in the Novaré SA Terroir Competition 2021 
★ 4 stars in the Platter’s Diner Club International 2021
★ District Winner in the Novaré SA Terroir Competition 2022

The Cabernet Franc is a beautiful grape variety that’s making big waves in the South African wine community. Lesser known to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc is just as formidable and can be taken just as seriously. On Mischa we strive to create a Cabernet Franc that expresses a variety of red and black fruit flavours, rather than the green flavours often associated with the cultivar. The 2020 Mischa Cabernet Franc has substantial body, but does not overpower the palate due to the humble use of a range of new and older French oak. The multitude of different flavours and aromas speak volumes to the quality of this wine.