Jomar Baby Care Products


A well-researched and complete range of luxurious baby products developed by experts with integrity to care for the delicate skin of little ones.

Who we are

JOMAR natural skincare was founded in 2020 by skincare expert and mother, Felicia Kotze, who spent 22 years in the skincare industry as a skincare professional and educator. She has an extensive understanding of the skin anatomy, product formulation, ingredients and the aesthetic industry. She left the corporate industry because of a dream that soon became a mission: To give modern ingredient-conscious mothers a natural premium skincare range for their little ones, that they can trust to really care for skin without harming the environment

What Inspires Us

“A child is a miracle, I want to take care of it. Nature is a wonder, I want to discover it. JOMAR was inspired by everything that I am deeply passionate about. My Creator, my two children, Joe and Maria and my determination to find solutions that really care for, protect and repair skin.
As a working mother, I understand the juggling act that is the reality for most moms and that despite that, we do not want to compromise when it comes to the choices we make to care for our family. Therefore I wanted JOMAR to be a well researched brand, developed with integrity and honesty so moms could trust it wholeheartedly.” 

Research & Development

The development of this range spanned over a year. After extensive research was conducted, multiple test batches were formulated for trials on baby and toddler skin, which included Felicia’s own children and family.
As a perfectionist Felicia was relentless in her search for the perfect ingredient combinations that deliver the best possible properties that nature has to offer. She worked with an expert and senior biochemist to perfect a complete skin care range that she is very proud of and excited to share with fellow mothers. 

Our Ingredients

The JOMAR range consists of ten products that were developed with clever, well researched combinations of ingredients that include moisturising complexes, vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils, botanical oils and butters, all sourced from nature. It was formulated to gently cleanse, soothe, nourish and protect the delicate skin of babies and toddlers and to be suitable for all skin conditions, even for sensitive or irritated skin. All our products are vegan friendly.