Le Comfie 100% Turkish Cotton Towels

Le Comfie is a proudly South African brand that stocks 100% Turkish Cotton Towels. What makes these towels so special is their super absorbent and fast drying properties. More commonly known in Turkey as peshtemals, peshtemals have become even more popular over the years due to their versatile nature. Whether you need a towel for the beach, as a picnic blanket, a wall tapestry or even as a baby blanket, peshtemals have various different uses. The more you use the towel the more softer it will get! Their light weight makes them perfect for travelling and the best part... they come in various different colors and designs, sure to catch everyone's eye at the beach.

A Le Comfie towel is woven with 100% Turkish cotton, is sustainable and eco-friendly, and made by artisans especially for you!

Biography of owner

Le Comfie was started by Humairaa after a trip to Turkey where she fell in love with the gorgeous cotton towels. She not only wanted to share these undiscovered and versatile towels with everyone but also wanted to provide a platform for Turkish artisans who loom these cotton towels. The production of these towels also falls in line of Le Comfie’s goals - to source and sell sustainable products.


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