Beautifully Scarred

A Self-Love Fashion Brand

A brand that celebrates beauty in all forms

“Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your tee?!”

Beautifully Scarred as a brand is to revive the meaning of “beauty” which has been lost to us due to society and social media influence. All body and skin positivity quotes are written by myself to act as a reminder of one’s beauty and worth. To encourage young girls, woman and men to not allow society and social media to taint their mirrors. I firmly believe that the “Definition of beauty is you” therefore you define it and not social media or society and I am hoping to revive the essence and definition of beauty using my brand.

Each quote acts as a daily reminder that all scars are not permanent, it is reminders of battles won and how strong we have become. Beautifully Scarred, a brand where all bodies and skin types are welcomed. This brand is a body and skin hate free zone and everybody is loved here.

Beautifully Scarred is 100% locally owned and produced. Clothing items and accessories that are available for purchase: t-shirts, bucket hats, hoodies and crew neck jerseys.