Mockana Trading was founded in 2006 by Maureen and Peter Mock. They recognized an opportunity in the Gifting Market for unique and high quality Corporate Gifts.
The company is managed by a dedicated small team of members who pride themselves in giving excellent service to their customers.
Mockana Trading manufactures, imports and sources a wide range of exclusive, high quality gifts for the local and export markets. In an age of mass production and uniformity, we aim to supply items of uncompromising flair and quality for corporate and individual clients, to express their individuality and style.
We specialize in manufacturing and sourcing Corporate Gifts to your unique requirements. All our products are handcrafted and manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, all with a flair for the beautiful and exotic. We have a cutting edge interest in design trends and a respect for the beauties of tradition and our range of products reflect both the styles of the traditional and the modern.