Black Copper

In 2022 Mercia Ratanjee, founder & managing partner of Black Copper, opened a beauty salon that provided facials, aesthetics and overall skincare in the Southern Suburbs of KZN. Whilst operating her beauty salon she found that eco-friendly, non animal tested and paraben free products for customers to use post-treatment were difficult to find locally, especially those that cater for South African skin types. It was then that she began to investigate the process of creating a product so natural & good for the skin that it repaired and rejuvenated whilst protecting the skin - but affordable for her customers to use on an ongoing basis.  She decided to create her own range which was inspired by her clients and her own family's needs & this was how Black Copper was born. Using essential oils and natural bases Mercia has created a range of products that cater to all skin conditions from Rosacea to Acne prone skin as well as custom made skin care if required. Her love for skin and people comes through in the care she takes with the creation of her product and packaging. The range of completely natural skincare products is 100% locally made and proudly South African, 100% Black female owned business. 

Customers can be assured that the Black Copper skincare range is formulated with the best intentions and care.