Marble & Pop

Marble & Pop! Is an indie cosmetic business, based in Durban. They make aesthetic skincare, bath and body products that are instant pick-me-ups for your skin. 

Their products are fun-to-use and effective, essentially because they are made with high-end locally sourced ingredients. Thier unique formulations are focused on enhancing a healthy and nourished skin, whilst adhering to beauty without cruelty ethics. Majority of our products are vegan-friendly (they're slowly moving to 100% vegan) All are lovingly hand-made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality 


A little bit of an intro from owner 

Hi, I’m Zandy – I’m obsessed with making skin food! I started making bath and body products eons ago, just as a hobby. That hobby blossomed into business and I launched my first bath and body business back in 2018. Since the year 2020 (during the pandemic) I started focusing more into skincare. It’s definitely big-girl-panties! It’s much more meticulous, with so much more research and information that goes into just a single product. I was completely hooked! With two years of research, formulating and testing, I finally launched my second business – M&P. Marble & Pop is aesthetic and fun and everything I love in a product. 

On a personal side – I’m a mom of 3 and have a super supportive husband. I’m naturally introverted and love to have my products speak for me :D 

Years in operation: 4 years in the industry, with Marble & Pop launching in January this year