Revive, Rejuvenate & Refresh this Spring with The SOOQ!

Spring, Spring Time -

Revive, Rejuvenate & Refresh this Spring with The SOOQ!

(As published in All for Women)

As the August winds subside and September ushers in Spring time, it’s a great time to Refresh, Rejuvenate & Revive! The SOOQ has some sensational items, all supplied by local small businesses and available on one easy to navigate store for this season. We’ve categorised them to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.   


  1. For your body:
    • Hiking is the new clubbing! And even the kids are doing it. Whether you’re a leisure or serious hiker, we have just the bag to hold your mask, sanitiser, water and snack.
    • Whether you’re hiking, cycling, jogging or doing yoga in the comfort of your home, we can all agree that the best way to revive your body is to exercise and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t look good while you’re at it!
    • You can’t yoga without a yoga mat so keep yours protected with a Yoga bag and include your water bottle, extra mask & gym towel in the nifty compartments ;-)
    • Remember to also make sure you keep safe by wearing a mask – you are spoiled for choice on The SOOQ with multiple options to choose from! Take your pic from plain fabric to Nanowave – we have something for everyone. 
  1. For your wardrobe: 
    • Rejuvenate your wardrobe with a range of new Kimono’s, Dresses, Accessories and Shoes from our local small business partners to select from our store.
    • We’ve got the perfect in-between weather dress for you. This multi-colour tropical maxi dress is ideal if want coverage on a warm Spring day.  
    • Make sure your feet are taken care of with our genuine leather Sweetpea sandals available in different styles with extra cushion for comfort ;)
    • Little else says uber comfortable like a dungaree. Our mid-calf classic dungaree comes in two colours and suitable for just about every size.
    • Our kimonos are picture perfect and price perfect as they’re currently on sale. These numbers are so versatile, both the sexy single and nursing mom will be able to put it to good use! Watch out for the new range coming in HOT for our warmer days J 
  1. For your home:
    • Enjoy the warmer, fresh outdoors and revive your balcony or garden at the same time with this Bali-imported woven hammock. It’s beautiful and functional. Name something better, we’ll wait.
    • Give your plants a bit of air & your home or garden some exotic décor with their hanging Double Planter plant decorators, also macrame and imported from Bali.
    • Also why not get a personalised door mat to really welcome your guests now that we can have our friends & family visit again J
  1. BONUS FEATURE for your belly: 
    • Nougat, toffee, chilli, pickles or popcorn – whether you’ve got a sweet or savoury tooth, The SOOQ has you sorted for yummy treats!

So basically you’re spoilt for choice, and it’s all locally supplied so you are also supporting small business and helping to reboot the economy – how is that for picture perfect? Now go ahead and choose to spoil yourself!


About The SOOQ

The SOOQ is a play on the Arabic word Souk, which means “marketplace” and is inspired by the amazing marketplaces of the world. The vision of this ecommerce store is to act as an online marketplace for small businesses across South Africa, incorporating products from fashion, accessories, shoes, baby items, food and so much more into one easily-accessible spot. The SOOQ has grown substantially in just 6 months of trading with the support from both small businesses and customers alike. Get your local brands from proudly South African businesses on The SOOQ:  Milk Maiden, My ClosetZA, INdelicate, Chilli Chick SA, Bellibutton, Sweetpeas, Honeypot, Jewellery by Noli and more. We deliver nationally and internationally.


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