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Birgit Cancerbush Cream 125ml

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Cancerbush Cream 125ml

Natural medical herb to assist with inflamed and sensitive skin conditions.

Helps for: sunburn, eczema, allergies, skin cancer, arthritis, restless legs, sore feet, skin problems and joint pains.

Sutherlandia is used traditionally during pregnancy with no adverse effect; however, scientific data do not exist to validate the use of the plant in pregnant women. Commercial Sutherlandia tablets gained popularity as an herbal product for the treatment of muscle-wasting effects in patients with HIV/AIDS because of a marked improvement in quality of life.

The Cancer bush biological name is Sutherlandia Frutescens. This plant is one of the most talked about plants in the ethno-botanica word because of it’s strong reputation as a cure for cancer and now increasingly used as an immune booster in, the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Cancer bush is a quality of life tonic and the research in its healing properties is ongoing. Sutherandia is a traditional herbal remedy with a long history of use in Southern African cultures. Not a single report suggesting adverse effects has ever been recorded. Cancer bush can be enjoyed safely.

A decoction of Sutherlandia is used to wash wounds and the eyes and to reduce fevers, and the infusions from the leaves and stems are used to treat cancers, fever, diabetes, kidney and liver problems, rheumatism, and stomach ailments. The plant is also used for a diversity of symptoms and conditions, such as depression and stress; as a tonic; to purify the blood and wounds; to treat skin conditions and inflammation; to enhance appetite and prevent wasting; as an emetic; and to treat influenza, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, back pain, and gonorrhea.
Sutherlandia also acts as an antidepressant; as a natural treatment for children with convulsions and epilepsy; and as a supportive treatment for mental and emotional stress, including anxiety.

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