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NKAZIMULO - is a sacred Zulu girl's name that means "Gift of God".  The gold is a glamorous statement on a woman. This elegant watch has a glitz of beauty and the white beadwork has a powerful message of virginity, faithfulness and true love.  The combination of these two colors tells us that purity can shine out bright.  As a Zulu song of praise, "inkazimulo yakho" simply means "Lord your beauty". 

This talented local designer created and individually hand-beaded his watches with local ethnic beads with the sole idea that each bead when crafted together will convey a very special meaning and message to the recipient.  His inspiration for his watches originally came from the "ucu" which is a bracelet that a woman gives to man as a symbol of her undying love for hi.  In return a man gives a woman "umqhele", signifying his loyalty to her.  

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