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Hot Chocolate Bomb

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What is it?
• Our Hot Chocolate Bombs are chocolate
balls that are filled with hot chocolate powder
and mini marshmallows and are used to make
decadent hot chocolate.
• How to use the bomb...
• Place the hot chocolate bomb into a
mug. Heat 200ml of milk until boiling. Slowly
pour the hot milk onto the hot chocolate
bomb. The heat of the milk will result in the
bomb dissolving and releasing its content. Stir
until all ingredients are well combined. ENJOY!

Different Themes

• Because our Hot chocolate bombs are available all year round we do

have different themed wrappers that we use as the seasons change.

• We can also make custom branded wrappers for clients.

• The wrapper goes around the front, top and back of the box ensuring

the box is also sealed for health reasons.

Various options
• Our hot chocolate bombs are available to order in either dark chocolate,
milk chocolate or white chocolate.
• They are individually gift boxed.
• We use random sprinkles to finish off the top of the bomb but do add
seasonal décor if and when needed.T

The gift box is 6x6x6cm and the bomb is 5cm in diameter

• The shelf life of the hot chocolate bomb is 9 months.