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JOMAR Baby & Toddler Natural Skincare - This product is developed by experts with integrity and intelligence with 22 years experience in the skincare industry.  The team includes expertise of a mother, a skincare therapist, and a biochemist. Sophisticated formulations - each formula is packed with a variety of effective, natural ingredients. We manufacture in small batches to ensure consumer receives it as fresh as possible.

To help our consumer shop per skin condition we have put a few Jomar combos together.  The combos are not discount deals but it is more a guide on our recommendation to treat specific skin conditions parents are prone to battle with.

The Eczema Care solution pack includes:  Repairing Balm Oil - 100ml: with Vitamin E, Shea butter, Marula oil & Coconut oil.  A soft and creamy balm, formulated with ingredients that will soothe, repair and soften skin. Use it to prevent and treat nappy rash, or as a barrier cream for sensitive or allergy and eczema prone skin. It contains a rich blend of essential oils that are naturally anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. Shea - and Cocoa butter preserve moisture and protect the skin by forming a soothing barrier, while Vitamin E promotes healthy, well nourished skin. It is ideal to use with cloth nappies.  Apply with every nappy change or as needed. 

Gentle Hair & Body wash -  50ml: with Aloe, Rooibos, Lavender oil & Marigold oil.  Our soap and sulfate free hair & body wash is enriched with Lavender - and Rosemary oil which are known to effectively soothe and protect skin, also lending a lovely calming fragrance. It will not strip the skin of its natural oils and will not irritate the eyes. It is gentle enough to use every day and suitable and safe for all skin types, including skin that is prone to cradle cap or dry skin conditions.  

This combination of essential oils offer antimicrobial and antiseptic properties to promote clean, calm and healthy skin. Aloe and Rooibos will soothe and hydrate your little one’s skin, while reducing skin irritations such as nappy rash, cradle cap or very dry skin. A hair conditioning agent will leave hair feeling silky soft.  Gently massage a small amount into skin and hair. Rinse after washing.

Calming Rescue Gel -  100ml: with Rooibos, Aloe, Vitamin E & B5. A gentle calming gel with an effective and powerful combination of natural ingredients that can be applied to help soothe minor burn wounds, rashes, dry skin, eczema, sunburn and insect bites. It is a lovely product to use as a daily moisturiser for dry or sensitive skin or to relieve skin irritations for anyone in the family.

Formulated with natural Aloe and Rooibos to help reduce skin inflammation and offer protection against external stressors such as UV rays, pollution and toxins. The plant derived complex, Iricalmin, promotes quicker skin repair post-injury and effectively improves skin hydration.  Apply two to three times per day, on the affected skin. 

Store below 25’C and not in direct sunlight.

Unique Selling propositions of the range: Biodegradable, Eye Friendly, Not Tested on Animals, 100 % Natural, Vegan Friendly, Cloth Nappy Friendly

The Range is Free from : Harmful chemicals, Synthetic perfumes, Synthetic colourants, Parabens, Lead, Petroleum, Sulphates

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