Chilli Chick SA

The Chilli Chick was created by a local entrepreneur from Durban, Claire de Sylva, during the Lockdown Pandemic when her beauty salon closed. Her love for food and flair in the kitchen as well as touching base with her Mauritian genetics – The Chilli Chick has taken on a magical life of it’s own. Claire’s vision for The Chilli Chick is not to just become another bottle of relish on a shelf, but that her passion for people and food has her hoping to collaborate with other local foodies as well as teaching South Africa how to pair interesting goodies from their own fridges into something delicious - helping families think out of the box at meal time.

Whats in the bottle?

A versatile Chilli Relish, compatible with all palates – for the die hard chilli fan, this is a tasty treat, and for the more “timid chilli eater” this is a delicious hint of the good stuff!   All natural and fresh ingredients and natural preservatives used, vegan and keto friendly as well as low calorie. Keep refrigerated. 2 month fridge  life.

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