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The Perfect Bath Bomb Recipe eBook

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Are you a bath bomb enthusiast looking to create your own spa-like experience at home? Or perhaps you're a seasoned bath bomb maker in search of a sound formulation and some advanced techniques? Well, look no further.

 ‘THE PERFECT BATH BOMB RECIPE - A Step-By-Step Guide for New and Experienced Makers’ is your new treasure trove for making the perfect bath bombs.. This little ebook contains years’ experience in bath bomb making all jotted down to step-by-step instructions, personal insider tips, tricks and techniques, with practical advice and guidance to help you unleash your creativity and master the challenging art of bath bomb making – and of course it includes The Perfect Bath Bomb RECIPE designed for South African weather!

This guide was meticulously designed to empower both beginner and experienced makers. It provides easy-to-follow instructions that will take you through each stage of the bath bomb-making process.

You will discover:

  • A detailed Bath Bomb formulation (recipe) in scalable amounts
  • Secret ingredients and game-changing techniques!
  • The entire process of making bath bombs
  • Addressing common factors that can affect the outcome of bath bombs
  • Standard bath bomb-making materials and other recommended materials to have
  • Gaining a deep understanding of the key ingredients that make bath bombs fizz and nourish your skin
  • And a lot, lot more!


THE PERFECT BATH BOMB RECIPE eBook is your new go-to resource for unlocking the secret to crafting luxurious bath bombs that are super smooth, floaty and fizzay!

Why wait for the perfect bath bomb experience when you can create it yourself? :)

Please take note of the following:

  • This is a digital file, and not an actual product. Upon purchase, the PDF eBook will be emailed to you by Marble & Pop within 24 hours
  • All these formulations are created with easily sourceable and affordable ingredients.
  • A list of local suppliers is provided in each eBook to obtain the ingredients
  • To make bigger batches, this recipe is fully scalable in % formulations – which are provided.
  • This digital book is protected by copyright laws and is for personal use. Unauthorized distribution, sharing, or reproduction of this eBook guide is strictly prohibited.
  • Digital purchases are non-refundable due to the nature of access and copying capabilities.